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Chinese Democracy

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Posted 09 December 2008 - 01:59 AM

In hopes of sparking some debate and/or discussion on this site...

Have you heard the new Guns N Roses album Chinese Democracy? If not it is available to listen at their myspace for free. I know that there are many who would not want Axl to get a penny of their money and that link would be a way to listen to it without providing him with any.

My immediate opinion of the album was the same as most critics, that took 14 years to record? But now that I've listened to it for a few weeks I absolutely love it. Immediately I felt 7 of the 14 songs were awesome and the other 7 were just okay. Now I feel that every song on the album is great, perhaps even brilliant. I am a huge Guns fan however.

The fact that Slash doesn't play on the album doesn't even to effect the sound of the band, it does sound like a GNR album. In fact he could have played on the album, it has the blues rock sound that GNR is known for.

What do you think?
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Posted 09 December 2008 - 06:30 AM

One of the main problems is that GnR were always utter shite, and it's only the repellent re-emergence of cock-rock (thank you The Darkness) that has people playing Appetite for Destruction again and reliving their cider-sodden youth.

A lot of people feel that he should never have released it, because it could only ever have been dated, overblown, fussy, unfocussed shit.

Prince has apparently got thousands and thousands of unreleased tracks in his vaults - much though I love Prince, some of his actually released albums have been patchy at best, but at least he has the quality control to keep the failed experiments and long winded jams locked up safe - only to be seen when he eventually pops his clogs. They got a good few albums out of the dead Jeff Buckley, imagine the posthumous release schedule for our purple pal!
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Posted 09 December 2008 - 08:54 PM

the need for slash, duff, matt, and izzy is best summed up by comparing chinese democracy with velvet revolver's output. i've only heard 2 or 3 songs from CD, and haven't heard any of VR's second effort. Safe to say, the first album was generally below average with a couple of good singles, so i haven't bothered with the second having not even heard a single from it. CD's title track has grown on me with remarkable speed, though madagascar appears to have lost some of the strength it had when they performed it live 6 years ago. the rest, we'll have to see.

i disagree that GnR were a cock rock band. a band full of cocks admittedly, but not cock rock. overblown? yes. full of self-worth? absolutely. but not a cock rock band - there was no spandex, no neon hair, no oddly shaped guitars. AfD was a mix of hard rock, blues, and punk. use your illusion was grandiose in places, uncompleted in others, and often self indulgent, but there was still that "thing" that had helped AfD shift the 28 million copies it has.

i can't really comment too much on prince as i only own "the very best of". some of it i get, some of it i don't, but hey - that's the joy of a music collection. i haven't obtained a copy of CD, partly because i don't know where it would fit in said collection. GnR are a band i got into when i was 18, and were important in developing my interest in harder rock music. but time has gone on and my knowledge gathering has moved on with it, so do i personally need to hear a hard rock record? we'll see what myspace has to offer.
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