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Topics I've Started

  1. Vote For Rhys!

    Posted 28 Jul 2006

    Hi long time no post, i know!

    This is Probably Spam and Very rude in such an esteamed forum as this but was wondering if i could ask you to vote for a friends child in a newspaper competition.
    He's a smashing kid and deserves to win.
    Cheers, Tc Tots and Tykes Comp
  2. I Need Your Rhymes...

    Posted 13 Feb 2006


    Im not quite sure how it happened but valentine draws near and i seem to have a girlfriend. *edit*

    I dont remember the last valentines card i sent, no thats a lie, i do remember but it takes many expensive counsiling sessions to ensure its a very vague memory!

    What i need folks are your best valentine rhymes.

    Funny, sweet, sad, bitter, dirty, kinky whatever flavour of dwarf, i need rhymes!

    Help an old school grinder out would'ya?
  3. Mutimedia Charva's Init!

    Posted 16 Aug 2004

    following on from this thread on the topic of charva's, neds and kappa slappers, i would like to present the following for those grinders who have never had the pleasure of meeting one of these little bastards...

    Check out the video's of Darren & his mate er.... Darren!
  4. ZX Spectrum: trash or treasure?

    Posted 10 Jun 2002

    Were the games of the old ZX any good or are we just looking back with the ole rose tinted glasses?
    Click me! you decide.
  5. The Dead Pool......

    Posted 3 Apr 2002

    [glow=yellow, 2,300][shadow=black,left,300] *The Dead     Pool*[/shadow][/glow]

    OK peeps, to commemerate the death of elizabeth I, the Queen Mother, i propose a little compettion.

    Each grinder is to name a list of 5 famous people whom they think will die between the 10th april and the 31st of Dec 2002.

    The game will be won by the person with the most dead people on their list.

    In the event of a tie, the person whose candidates died in the most unusual or violent ways will be declared the winner.

    Any grinder found to have been involved in the death of any of the nominated people will be disqualifed.

    A prize will be givern to the winner, prize to be comfirmed.

    Once a list has been entered it cannot be altered or edited.

    Winner to be announced on the 1st of jan 2003.

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June 21, 1976

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