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  1. In Topic: Obligatory Corona Virus Thread

    Posted 20 Mar 2020

    The WHO ~ 8 weeks ago:

    6 weeks ago:

    https://www.politico... e-travel-110750


    The Trump administration’s quarantine and travel ban in response to the Wuhan coronavirus could undercut international efforts to fight the outbreak by antagonizing Chinese leaders, as well as stigmatizing people of Asian descent, according to a growing chorus of public health experts and lawmakers.

    The World Health Organization’s top official on Tuesday repeated concern that moves that interfere with transportation and trade could harm efforts to address the crisis, though he didn't directly name the United States.

    Yeah, hindsight is 20/20, but at the same time, being the servant of the CCP is being the servant of the CCP.
  2. In Topic: Obligatory Corona Virus Thread

    Posted 20 Mar 2020


    - People seem to be putting on a weird act if they see that you are looking at them, like, "see, this is how I get out of my car during a pandemic." lol.

    - If you go around a corner and run into somebody... Even if no physical contact... Awkward. Lmao

    https://news.ycombin... tem?id=22633962

    Funnies aside, I think people becoming super weird will be the main threat in all of this. That is, keeping distance and washing hands is easy, but people stopping to act like dogs in a dog-eat-dog world, that is hard.

    Sure, there's enough food and money for everybody.. but that was true before CoV19, and kids in Africa still got to starve until they're dead, as they do as we speak. So I don't exactly see why this would be different. Oh, people *say* it's different, but they also said nice things about dead African kids and their own hopes and aspirations to work towards blah-di-blah. But it would take actual and serious effort to make the outcomes of this anything but surveillance and more shifting of wealth to the megawealthy -- instead people worry about the bandwith required for Netflix and all that shit. As if being distracted and passive isn't what lead us to being this unprepared.

    And it's not like this will be the last challenge, it's a joke compared to all the domino effects we could see around the climate, for example. If people start patting pitying themselves and patting each other on the back *already*, for "staying home" and having their thumbs up their asses, that doesn't bode well.
  3. In Topic: Obligatory Corona Virus Thread

    Posted 19 Mar 2020

    So anyways.. if I see useful or poopy things related to CoV19 I will post them in the linked threads.
  4. In Topic: The Wire

    Posted 15 Mar 2020

    I also love it for the fact that it introduced me to the music of Steve Earle. h?v=XQfBJDBScu4 h?v=lao306nah3w h?v=trYtqya9MjU
  5. In Topic: Obligatory Corona Virus Thread

    Posted 15 Mar 2020

    From something I saw today:


    The thought hit me yesterday that only one difference exists between the Swine Flu outbreak of 1918, when 20% of the world's population died, and this year's outbreak. When the 20% of us that would die without access to a hospital get sick, we may have the access we need to stay alive. In 1918, I imagine they didn't have the same resources in hospitals that we have today. After I had that thought, I realized that whether we have access depends on how many people get sick and over what period of time. If millions get sick in a few weeks, they will not have access to a hospital. If that happens, there will be no difference between 1918 and 2020. Twenty percent of us will die.

    From a few weeks ago:

    https://putanumonit.... eing-the-smoke/


    Human intuition is bad at dealing with exponential growth but it's very good at one thing: not looking weird in front of your peers.

    For me personally, not much changes, I got bored of parties and whatnot like 20 years ago :P But what about the poor who depend on volunteers? When things dry up, those who are already struggling will go under, no need for an infection. And what about those who get infected who *would* have been fine if they had decent nutrition or medical care, but can't get one, the other or both?

    Anyway: I used to be a misanthrope, but during these days, let it be known that I will refrain from human interaction and spent a lot of time coding on my computer as a sacrifice to you all, out of the sheer goodness of mine own heart.

    Also, may you and yours be safe. Let's do something crazy and realize that life is very fleeting and that while many people are dicks and could be considered "enemies" of one another, there is a whole universe, both of lifeforms and literally, that doesn't give fuck one about us, because it can't. This is why we must.

    /steps off soapbox

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