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  1. The Age Of Consent

    Posted 3 Jun 2009

    Clearly, there is something preposterous about the arbitrary nature of consent laws around the world; no person mechanically develops the physical or emotional maturity to be 'ready' for sexual experience at midnight on their 16th/18th (or whatever the age in their locality may be) birthday.

    On the other hand, the need for some sort of line in the sand is clear, to protect the young against sexual predators and, some might argue, from themselves.

    A quick look around the web reveals that the age of consent ranges from 13 to 21 depending on where you live; a huge variance.

    On interesting angle on the idea is the traditional / religious approach to matters; 'once bled, bed' - that sexual maturity is confirmed upon the achievement of puberty. This has a physical logic, but the emotional implications are far more controversial, especially as puberty can be reached as young as 8 or 9.

    My own thoughts are mixed; I dislike the arbitrary age as it stands, but recognise the need for some sort of protection in principle. Also, I'm not sure it makes much difference as people tend to do to themselves and each other pretty much what they like regardless of the law.

    What do you think? Are there any more subtle arrangements around the world?
  2. Political Participation

    Posted 3 Jun 2009

    Following on from discussion in another thread, I thought it might be topical to discuss voting - why it's declining and whether this is regrettable or not.

    Apparently more people voted in the final of Britain's Got Talent, than belong to a political party; such statistics are not new (the RSPB has more members than all the political parties combined, etc).

    It seems to me the biggest reason for declining participation is people's priorities. We are more focused on the goings on in our own lives to take much notice in the abstruse world of politics. Why? Commericalism, egotism, call it what you like. We believe in nothing except ourselves. It's not that people no longer have issues or problems that could be addressed politically, those things never disappear, but people no longer have the belief or even optimism that they can do anything about it through the political system; odd, given that we are supposedly in the most advanced time of democracy to date.

    I do think falling political participation is a matter of regret, as it is symptomatic of the fragmentation of our society, the demise of idealism and the decline of community. We find ourselves in a situation where the majority of the population has abdicated power and responsibility for shaping our country, which isn't good for anyone.

    I must confess to not voting in all or even most of the elections I have been eligible for, and to a slight sense of hypocrisy for not doing so. I have been a transiest since I reached the age of majority, and have not spent long enough in any local area to really engage with local politics. Nationally I find myself torn between a preference for Labour as the better of two highly imperfect main parties, and a more ideological affection for the Greens (although they're not entirely sane either). I fear the arrival of a Conservative government, but know it is necessary for Labour to regain its purpose in opposition.

    Do you vote? Why / not? Explain yu'self.
  3. Summer Trip

    Posted 27 Jan 2009

    I first posted this on a motorcycle forum, but figured some folk here might find it worth a quick read...

    In August my brother and I set off form the south coast of England for a camping trip that was to encompass most of the British coast. Me on my '98 GS500, him on his '76 Yamaha RD 125. Now, I know what you're thinking: what idiot attempts to take a 32 year old bike on a 1500-mile trip? Well, okay, but it has been awfully reliable over the past few months so we decided to gamble.

    We got to Leeds (200 miles into the trip), and the 125 developed a catastrophic oil leak from the crankcase. The breakdown company kindly repatriated that home, and we were left with the prospect of turning back, with my brother as my passenger. However, we had been planning this trip for the best part of a year, and we were desperate to find a way forward. So we decided to ditch all non-essential cargo, and ride together on the GS. It seemed like madness at the time, especially as my brother is 6 foot 4 and well built, but I think a little madness is good for you occasionally.

    We eventually visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Stirling, St Andrews, Ben Nevis and Fort William, amongst other places, clocking up 1563 miles by the time we got back.

    The bike coped magnificently with the unreasonable burden we placed upon it. The handling was affected but not ruined, and remained manoeuvrable at low speeds. It was quite happy sitting at 80mph (when I was able to see the speedo, that is) on the motorways, and had enough grunt to pull us up winding hilly lanes in the highlands.

    We had a great trip, camping somewhere different each night (although erecting and dismantling the tent every day became a little tiresome, especially when it was raining, which was pretty much all of the time). We did have a bit of a dangerous misadventure on the way back, however see the last photos.

    1.Setting off with a relatively reasonable load

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    2.This is a picture of Squires Cafe, just east of Leeds. There is lots of motorcycling history inside, a workshop and free camping. Most importantly, it attracts lots of strange and interesting people. We were tempted to stay longer because people were inviting us to bike shows and to come ride their quad bikes, but we had to crack on. I'm not quite sure why we're both pulling troll faces in this picture...

    Posted Image

    3.One of the locals drops by to disrupt our tent erection.

    Posted Image

    4. Departing fully laden.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    5. Loch Lomond. Sadly the weather was miserable and the views were severely restricted,as you can see. For the moments when the weather did clear, the scenery was magnificent. A beauty that for some mysterious reason is not fully perceptible from a car.

    Posted Image

    6. Aberfoyle.

    Posted Image

    7. Tent up, time for a wash.

    Posted Image

    8. Dinner - "noodies".

    Posted Image
  4. Close Encounters

    Posted 22 Dec 2008

    No, nothing to do with aliens, although they may feature in this thread.

    I have had quite a few near-death / maiming experiences. Each time I have come within a whisker of severe injury or death. Here be just a few:

    1. When I was about 12 I was fond of climbing my grandparents' tree, a big one, about 40 or 50 feet tall at a guess. I would go to the top where the branches were thin, and survey the world around me. It was great. However, one day, when climbing with my friend, I went too high and the branches snapped. I fell somewhat, until I passed my friend just below me, who grabbed my arm and swung me onto another branch. Had that not happended there were no further branches beneath my position. I was bruised, but I doubt I would have walked away from a full fall.

    2. Driving to work one day, I began to overtake a number of tractors. As I was doing so I found myself unable to engage the next gear, and so from about 60mph I stopped accelerating. At the same moment I was blinded by the morning sun reflecting off wet tarmac. When I was able to reengage gear I pulled in front of the last tractor, and a lorry came barrelling past a split second later. I was properly shaken up, and have since taken an ultra-cautious approach to overtaking.

    3. Yesterday I was replacing the ball joint on my car, and had reason to get underneath briefly. I only had two axle stands under the car, and wouldn't normally put my head under there without much more than that, but it had sat safely for hours and I only expected to be there for a minute or so. As I was under, a kid who was playing football nearby bumped into the car, causing it to wobble mightily (axle stands aren't meant to support any sort of movement). I crapped myself, and got out as quickly as I could (which wasn't very quickly at all). After bollocking the child I looked at the axle stands: they were both almost collapsed, millimetres from slipping away from under the car.

    You may notice that all of these incidents have been the direct result of my own idiocy. I like to think that Fate is saving me for a later departure. Certainly it seems unlikely that I'll survive much longer on my wits alone.

    Posted Image

    How have you cheated Death?
  5. Progressive Politics

    Posted 16 Sep 2008

    It seems, dear friends, that we have indeed passed the peak of social policy. It is all downhill from here.

    Across the globe idiots have been voted into office by other idiots, en masse, and they are propagating their idiotic policies with idiot-worthy idiocy.

    Let this thread testify.

    Aussie Politician Advocates Cattle-Prodding the Jobless

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