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  1. Do You Do The Exercise?

    Posted 9 Jan 2019

    about five years ago, i started working out with a personal trainer 3x a week. i lost some weight and was feeling pretty good and then i did something to my arm/shoulder whilst boxing (trainer with pads, not sparring. i don't like getting hit). i tough-guy'd it out for three months because SURELY it was gonna stop hurting any day now (then). i finally decided maybe i should go see a doctor and see wtf was wrong. turns out, i had partially dislocated my shoulder, torn a rotator cuff (supraspinatus) almost all the way through, and ripped through the cartilage around my shoulder socket. yay! that explained all the pain, at least. by the time a surgical solution was offered to me, the pain had blended in with my normal, chronic levels (whole other topic) so i did nothing beyond some physiothereapy that i'm pretty sure did fuck all. the really bad part of this story was that i stopped training and gained back all the cupcakes. i mean weight.

    so about 2 year ago, or not quite, i started training again. i joined a private gym here in belfast and started working my ass off. i do powerlifty stuff now. squats, deadlifts, bench presses (db AND bb), overhead presses, farmers carries, kettlebell stuff, sleds, all kinds of stuff. i started off going 3 days a week, but now i go 6. i love it. but i also hate it. but i totally love it.

    i'm still chubby (and i'm actively working on that at the moment), but i'm strong AF - especially for a 48 year old woman. i've done lots of manual labour-type jobs in my life so i'm used to being strong, but i lost a lot of it in the past 14 years (multiple reasons - crippling grief, depression, computer job, sweet tooth, etc). i'm getting it back and i feel really good about it. for instance, i can lift 100lbs in each hand, suitcase-stylee. hells yeah!

    so what do ya'll do? and why? what sparked it, or have you always done it? i'm interested. tell me about it.
  2. Video Editing

    Posted 17 Mar 2006

    i'm faking my way through being a website admin (via an exisitng CMS) for a motorcycle dealer in london and they wanted a virtual tour on the site so i made [this does not exist anymore] from the 2 minute mpeg they sent.

    i hafta say that i'm sooper-pleased with the way it turned out because i dunno dick about video editing and just kinda faked my way through it BUT i'd like to know a couple of things

    1) do any of ya's know of or have experience with some good video editing software that i could use other than the MS moviemaker shite on which i am currently cutting my teeth? something under 150 clams sterling would be great

    2) can i have some feedback on this particular file and mebbe some ideas on how it may be improved?
  3. Crap! I Need Fonts.

    Posted 22 Jan 2006

    i'm doing a job for a guy and he sent me the fonts i need but they're OS X stylee.

    anybody have these in PC format and might be willing to help a sistah out? i'm meant to submit sthg tomorrow (monday)

    Helvitica Cond.
    American Typewriter
    Univers Cond.

    i need them to make an image and i could totally do it the hard way and screen cap 'em off the interwebs and then photoshop-crop them out individually and arrange them into words and sentences but that's kinda fucked up.

    please help meeeeeeee.

    hugs and bunnies,
  4. *does Not Count As Cheating

    Posted 19 Jul 2005

    hubby and i agree on this philosophy although to be fair, it's all in theory and none in practice. perhaps one day we will see? *giggle*

    it's the List of People You're Allowed to Do if Ever Afforded the Opportunity.

    [redacted because ewww]

    top my list. hubby's top two favorites are

    lovely liv

    and brittany daniel

    i like it that the chicks he fancies are generally fit and not little skinny twiglets. some of them can get/are pretty thin, yes... but they're toned and NOT emaciated (like poor christina ricci. that girl is just a head on a stick now. shame, that.). the girls he likes are all good girls too.. except jaime pressley. heh. she's a bad girl. i like her an' all, but she's totally a ho... and she looks pissed off alot.

    anyone else have a list? got pics? can i see?
  5. I Need Work Advice

    Posted 19 Aug 2004

    i am so fucked off about this that i'm considering quitting with no notice... on friday after i get my paycheck, that is.

    i work for a company owned by two brothers, one is decent and the other is an ignorant racist prick. i've been here since may 11, 2003 and i was hired to do one thing, but they were so lacking in organization etcetera, that i ended up being recruited as a sort of unofficial office co-manager. this is not a problem, i don't mind. i was told "whatever you see that we're doing inefficiently, please feel free to make changes" so i did, do, and have been.

    the office manager (brother number 1's wife) fell ill around the end of january of this year and i was handed her duties (although i wasn't appropriately trained for it, i jumped right in and gave it my best shot and did a damn fine job if i do say so myself). she's been "ill" ever since (i say she's not), but she has taken over some of the AR/AP, but i still do a large part of what she had been doing... and that's over and above my own duties.

    i also do a tremendous amount of basic IT that would cost them $65 an hour from an actual computer tech. they're all rather computer illiterate.

    i've gotten a salary hike in the form of a financed laptop (i'm sure they'll keep it if i quit) that equals out to about a $1 an hour raise, and i've received one $100 bonus. the sick wife got paid the entire time she's been out, and i received no additional compensation for my additional duties aside from the above.

    the problem is that one boss tells me to "x" (a legitimate business action, nothing weird or personal), and then his wife reprimands me for it, or the other brother does. and i was so stressed and frustrated (due to general inefficiency) at one point that i cried every day for almost 6 weeks on my 30 minute drive home.

    brother number 2 is just an asshole and works in the back, so i only have to deal with his "you need to do this differently" now and again. once he tried to yell at me and i just yelled back while brother number one ducked off to his office and pretended he didn't hear anything.

    i was meant to get 2 weeks paid holiday after a year's employment but when i put in for one of the weeks, i was informed tht no one else got paid for time off and that mine would be unpaid but to enjoy myself and get rested up. needless to say, i didn't take the week off because i couldn't afford it and i replied somethng along the lines of "hmmm, ok. i guess i was mistaken then. thank you for checking" (boss was in europe and relayed the auth for unpaid holiday via the "ill" wife)

    yesterday, brother number 1 just got plain shitty with me on the phone, twisted my words from earlier that day around and made it seem like i was overstepping my bounds, and just flat-out embarrassed me by saying in a pretty snide tone "oh, you took it upon YOURSELF to do this...". i know my face went either red or white while i was on the phone with him cause i could feel it. thing is, i had talked to him about it that very morning and he agreed with almost everything that i said. at the end of the conversation i asked him if everything made sense, sounded logical, reasonable, was there anything that i was missing or not considering and so on and he answered approvingly and that yeah it all sounded good.

    my husband supports my decision, whatever that will be, but jobs aren't sooper-easy to come by, especially not here, and especially for the cake that i need to make in order to live.

    i've tried and tried to make this business better, because my financial future kinda depends on it for now... but every time i have an idea that gets approved and in place, i get reprimanded and the fucking choke collar goes on.

    i'm gonna pop a fucking vein, i can feel it.

    does anyone have any advice? i know my story above is a little haphazard and not fully detailed, but i can go into more detail if anyone has any ideas about what i should do.

    i hear "oh whatever would we do without you", and "you know you can never quit, right?" but you know - louder, words, actions, speaking, etcetera.

    help me? i need objective ideas because i'm so angry right now that i'm about to burn this bridge, and i don't think that it would be wise (although it might be best).



    any input is appreciated. thanks.

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