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Topics I've Started

  1. Global Positioning System

    Posted 8 Feb 2005

    do you think a woman deliberately accentuating her cleavage is the same principle as a bloke grabbing his nuts in a hip-hop stylee?
    i mean, essentially the subject is asserting their gender / sexuality in a proactive manner by drawing attention to their respective assets.
    is this a product of the same mentality, or the result of a substantially different mindset?

    what do you think?
  2. Secret Society Under Paris?

    Posted 8 Sep 2004

    this is one of the most interesting news stories I've read in a long time.

    Paris Underworld

    kind of odd to think a barking dog tape would've worked in the catacombs though.
  3. Got Soul

    Posted 17 Aug 2004

    Dance, Voldo, Dance!
  4. I Think What He Meant To Say...

    Posted 14 Aug 2004

    Take one famous poem, get it translated into another language and back again by a dodgy free internet translation service and a new poem is born.

    The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (English-German-English version)

    once after midnight, which hopelessly, while I considered,
    over many came weak and slow-acting is, " easy suddenly
    there wunderliches and curious volume forgotten excessive quantity,
    while I nodded, nearly Nickerchen making, knocking starting from somewhat
    knock and knocked on my space door;
    'T is " any visitor,; I murmured and only "tapping at mine this space door and at nothing more."
    Ampere-hour, clearly reminds me I that it was in bald December;
    And each different dying glow wrought its spirit after the floor.
    Inspired I wished that morrow; vainly I had looked for to borrow
    from my books surcease of the concern concern for the lost Lenore
    for the rare and bright Maid which call the angels Lenore,
    which is here always nameless.
    Then seidene, sad, uncertain Thrilled rustling each magenta-red curtain
    me-filled me with fantastischem terror believed never before;
    So that now, to calm striking my heart, I stood repeating,
    " 'T is any asking entrance of the visitor at my space door
    any asking entrance of the late visitor at my space door;
    - this is more." it and nothing;
    Momentarily my soul grew more strongly; then any longer do not hesitate,
    "Sir, " mentioned I, "or woman, really your forgiving, which I anflehe;
    But the fact is I Nickerchen made, and so easily you came knocking,
    and so weakly knocked you came knocking and at my space door,
    this I, which is scarce, were sure that I heard you" here, which I far the door;
    opened - density there and nothing more."
    Deeply in this density of views, long did not stand was afraid me I surprising and,
    who dreamed a doubting and, dreams there mortal,
    which was at all dared to dream before;
    But the peace was intact, and the silence did not give an indication,
    and the only word spoken there was "Lenore?" the whispered word,;
    This, which I whispered and an echo chte back the word,
    "Lenore!" raus; Only this and nothing more.
    Back into the area, that, my whole soul within I burning,
    soon again I heard turn, knock a little more louder than before.
    "Surely " mentioned I, "surely that is something at my window lattice;
    Let me see then which are thereat, and this secret let my heart investigate
    one moment to still be and this secret investigate; - 'T is more!" the wind and nothing;
    Open me hurled the shutter here, if, with many flirt and,
    inside there saintly stepped a tonhoehenschwankung to a magnificent Raven of the days of yore;
    Not few obeisance formed it; one minute did not stop or remained it;
    But, with mien of the lord or of the lady, squatted over my space door,
    which are squatted after a Bueste of Pallas straight over my squatted,
    and more sat space door and nothing.
    Then this ebony bird, which " my sad fantasy into the smile,
    by which serious and star Dekorum of the support carried it are deceptive,
    "Though, which is thy comb sheared and shaved,
    Thou,; I said, who do not secure "art cowardly, graessliches grimmiges and old Raven,
    which is of allabendlich the bank winding ring, explain for me,
    what her herrschaftlicher name on the Night's Plutonian shore!" are;
    Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
    Much marvelled I ungainly the poultry, in order to hear statement so simply,
    although its answer little meaning-small meaning boring;
    For it cannot do us that, no living person humans nature was gesegnet at all
    nevertheless with the seeing of the bird over its space door bird,
    or animal after Bueste over its space door culptured, with such name as "Nevermore."
    in agreement zuSEIN help; But the Raven, sitting lonely on the friedvollen Bueste,
    spoke only this a word, as if its soul in this did to a word he outpour.
    Nothing far then uttered emergency not it a feather/spring, then, which it fluttered,
    until I before flew hardly more than murmured,
    "Other friends on the coming day he me leave, as before." my hopes; flew;
    Then the bird said, "Nevermore."
    Starting LED at the silence broken by the answer so suitably spoken,
    "Doubtless, " mentioned I, "what, it utters, is its only on camp and memory,
    which will get caught from any unfortunate master,
    who unmerciful accident followed fast and to its song of a load boring
    to those dirges of its hope faster followed that melancholisch more of 'Never-nevermore.' "
    load; But the Raven, which still my sad fantasy into the smile,
    straight turned I is deceptive, a padded seat before bird and Bueste and door;
    Then after the velvet, which, I betook even for the connection of of fantasy to the fantasy,
    which thinking this ominoese bird sinks from yore,
    which this grimmige, ungainly, gaunt graessliche,
    and ominoese bird of yore in kraechzendem "Nevermore." meant;
    This, which I sat engaged with estimating, but no syllable,
    which expresses its burning eyes to the poultry into my bosom's core burned now;
    This and more I sat suspecting, with my head to the Muehelosigkeit,
    which support nevermore on the cushion's velvet fodder,
    which Lamp light feasting o'er, but its velvet-violet fodder with Lamp light feasting o'er,
    her operated, ah,! Then methought, air grew more closely,
    parfuemiert from a unseen more censer, which was swung by Seraphim
    their step on shrub leagues the floor rang.
    "Wretch, " I cried, "thy God hath, thee through these angels he hath sent thee
    period period was lent and nepenthe of thy the memories of Lenore;
    Quaff, OH -, quaff this friendly nepenthe and forget this lost Lenore!"
    Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
    "Prophet!" mentioned I, "thing the Evil!prophets still, if bird or devil! - by this sky,
    which bends above us through this God for us,
    admire both explain this soul with the loaded ensure,
    if, within the distant Aidenn, it clasps A sainted Maid, the angel Namenslenore
    hook a rare and bright Maid, those the angels Lenore." call;
    Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
    "Be, that our indication of the separation, the bird or fiend!"
    draw up; I shrieked, upstarting "Get thee back in the Tempest
    and the Night's Plutonian bank! Do not leave a black feather/spring spoken
    as indications this to lie thy soul hath! Let my isolation unbroken!
    finish the Bueste over my door!
    Take thy to bill of from my heart, and you take thy to shape of away from mine door!" on;
    Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
    And the Raven, never huschend,
    nor sits, nor sits on the pale Bueste of Pallas
    straight over my space door;
    And its eyes have that whole seeming of a demon's,
    which dreams, and which Lamp light o'er it flowing throws its shade on the floor;
    And my soul of from this shade, which lies, swimming on the floor,
    becomes raise nevermore!

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48 years old
December 18, 1974
Leicester, UK
Designer/artworker for a living.
Thoroughly world weary.
Likes: Music, movies, comics, avoiding debt.
Dislikes: Reality TV, small dogs, filling out forms, insomnia.

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