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  1. In Topic: Skeets - A Film I Wrote And Acted In

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    Yeah quite a few now - check out https://www.alexanderking. co for a bit of a list.

    The issue is it can take years (if at all) for them to make it into public view, once they've been round the international festival circuit etc.

    I'll post more as they come out.
  2. In Topic: The Wire

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    It really is right up there as the best TV series ever made. It's between that and The Sopranos for me.
  3. In Topic: Your Career

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    Yeah it's a good career to get into, provided you choose the right language. If I was starting out as a developer these days, I'd learn Javascript/Node/React and not much else.
  4. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 24 Jan 2020

    Hi Acheron! Great to hear from you - I seem to recall you were one of the first batch of active members, so consider yourself an OG.

    It's always super uplifting for me to hear that people all over the world got a real connection with others through this site, because that was the whole point of me creating it in the first place. I don't think it will ever have any kind of resurgence, as we've all grown up too much to have the time to converse in depth online with each other, and the younger generations don't have the need/attention span for something like akpcep. I'd love to be proven wrong, and maybe Discord and its ilk are the new equivalent of IRC etc, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, it's great to see you again, if you know of any other ex-Grinders please send them this way to give us an update.

    Congrats on your marriage, dog and trumpet blowing!
  5. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 3 Jan 2020

    I still follow a few people on Instagram who were grinders, it's pretty cool/weird to watch them grow up and have real lives and so on.

    Interesting how the internet turned us from handles and avatars into a much richer (but no more real/less curated) version of our online selves.

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