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  1. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 23 Jul 2020

    Sadly, I expect he is 100% dead.

    Which leads me to think - how many other Grinders have passed on since we last spoke to them?
  2. In Topic: Stoicism For Fun And Profit

    Posted 23 Jul 2020


    I agree with you - there's only so much Stoicism you need to read. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Letters From a Stoic by Seneca, and the ones you've mentioned. Stoicism is more of a practical than theoretical approach. It's not philosophy, really. It's a way of life, man.

    Am I approach life Stoicly? No, not really. I constantly get dragged into the minute detail of life and railing against it. Probably going to be a life long pursuit.
  3. In Topic: Your Career

    Posted 11 Apr 2020

    That sounds pretty cool Grapey! Say 'hi' to Elon for me!

    I had my last day at my job of 17 years this week, it was unexpectedly very sad. I start my new job next week, I'm pretty terrified but excited at the same time. It's even more senior, so I guess I'll find out how good I actually am...
  4. In Topic: Skeets - A Film I Wrote And Acted In

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    Yeah quite a few now - check out https://www.alexanderking. co for a bit of a list.

    The issue is it can take years (if at all) for them to make it into public view, once they've been round the international festival circuit etc.

    I'll post more as they come out.
  5. In Topic: The Wire

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    It really is right up there as the best TV series ever made. It's between that and The Sopranos for me.

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