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  1. In Topic: Your Career

    Posted 14 Jul 2019

    Nice to hear. I'm looking for the next step on my career now, want to get out of the project management side and go more for business transformation, which is the bit I find most interesting.
  2. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 14 Jul 2019

    Ah VG! Whatever happened to that old rogue.

    Good to see you again my friend, welcome back.
  3. In Topic: Akpcep Is Back - But Why?

    Posted 29 Jun 2019

    Hey maybe forums will be come 'retro' and 'cool' and all the kidz will flood in with their memes and whatnot.
  4. In Topic: Akpcep Is Back - But Why?

    Posted 19 Jun 2019

    Well, welcome back Jeremy! It's not exactly... busy... but it's reassuring to know we're here isn't it?
  5. In Topic: Smartphones Are Boring

    Posted 28 May 2019

    Well my Pixel 1's battery life diminished to a point where it was no longer useful, so my hand was forced, and I've had to buy a new smartphone.

    Got a Pixel 3A. 400 with a free Acer Chromebook. It's... a black slab that does email, calls, contactless payments and it even has a headphone jack.

    It is almost exactly the same as my last phone.

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    Controversially, this user rarely if ever incorporates the words "Ah'm bloody mithered, me", "'appen that's as like as not" and "i'n't in tin" in major song lyrics.
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