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  1. In Topic: Trump Supporters?

    Posted 11 Mar 2019

    that's a good point, like the man himself is so obnoxious people forget to fight the people pulling the strings.
  2. In Topic: Trump Supporters?

    Posted 25 Feb 2019

    The "fake news" thing is an interesting angle. It's like, anything can be dismissed by just claiming it's a lie, and then the burden of proof goes back onto the originator.

    It's like that whole pizzagate nonsense. You'd think with information being as free and available as it is in this part of our cultural history it would be impossible to pull the wool over people's eyes, but it relies on people wanting to seek the truth first, and that doesn't appear to happen.
  3. In Topic: Do You Do The Exercise?

    Posted 25 Feb 2019

    That's pretty damn impressive ghoti. Props.

    What's your motivation for training? I always find this an interesting question.
  4. In Topic: Smartphones Are Boring

    Posted 24 Jan 2019

    I just had this conversation with my brother the other day.

    We're both very bored of 'upgrading' things. My laptop is a 2013 MacBook Pro. They just got worse after that, so while it's still running it's not getting replaced. I think this applies to all tech. While it does what you need it to, and it works, hang onto it. If it dies, then look for the closest analog available. This whole 'latest and greatest' rat race is 100% consumerist bullshit.
  5. In Topic: Music Recommendations

    Posted 23 Jan 2019

    Thanks Kretil - I can honestly say I've not heard of a single one of those bands, although that's not saying much as I am extremely 'out of the loop' when it comes to popular beat combos.

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