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  1. Got A Bit Hacked

    Posted 1 Mar 2019

    Likely none of you noticed, but the FP got hacked today. It's now repaired. Le sigh.

    Although I've run security and penetration tests on the Front Page code, I can't guarantee the Shed isn't riddled with security holes. Similarly, the FP won't run on the latest version of PHP as the code is just too old and I'd have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch to bring it up to modern standards. So, the end result is that there's a lot of probably well documented holes for people to get in.

    So I guess all I can do is keep patching it up. But do give me a shout as soon as you see something not working so at least I can do it quickly.

  2. Russian Doll

    Posted 15 Feb 2019

    Has anyone else watched the Netflix series Russian Doll?

    I just finished it and it really was one of the best things I've watched in quite a while. Well written, funny, thought provoking and actually had a proper ending.
  3. New Art Added To The Front Page Collection

    Posted 2 Feb 2019

    Now then chums.

    I've added a bunch of my own paintings to the AKPCEP art collection on the front page, so check it out if you wish: ?pid=allart

    Similarly, if you have any art/photographs you want adding, get in touch with me and I'll put them in rotation.
  4. Trump Supporters?

    Posted 1 Feb 2019

    Now, from my side of the pond, I struggle to understand the appeal of Donald Trump. However, a majority of Americans do.

    Do we have any US grinders who are Trump supporters, who could let me know why they think he's a good leader, or which of his policies appeal to you?

    The Shed is a non-judgement zone (unless you're a furry).
  5. Music Recommendations

    Posted 18 Jan 2019

    So, I'm looking for new music, preferably something with a tune. Not too fussed about genre - I like Rascal Flatts as much as Five Finger Death Punch.

    What have you discovered lately?

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