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  1. 2023

    Posted 4 Mar 2023

    Hello chums.

    2023 eh? Crazy. Who knew we'd all collectively make it this far, yet here we are.

    Still stubbornly keeping akpcep online, please do check in if you're reading this.

    What have I been up to? Still working at the same company, son is now nearly 12 and is lovely, wife also lovely, but older than 12.

    Here's a funny thing. I just started watching Cowboy Bebop (original anime) and it reminded me that there were a few Grinders who were really into it back in the day, which will have been almost contemporaneous with it first being released in the US. Some kind of nostalgia trip has now ensued. I'm going to read House of Leaves (given to me kindly by TonyChef) and will start listening to Poe, as I seem to think Roach once rated her.

    I hope you're all doing well, and are staying safe, healthy and happy.
  2. 2022

    Posted 23 Jan 2022

    Alright, chums. Similar to my post last year - what does 2022 hold for you? Are you hopeful we'll return to some kind of normality now we've pretty much been instructed to live with COVID?

    For me, I want this year to be super creative. I want to write more music, do more acting, do more writing. Last year I pretty much worked and nothing else, because I felt like I never left lockdown. This year, I need to get out there and reboot my life.

    What about you?
  3. 2021

    Posted 31 Dec 2020

    Alright, so we can all collectively agree 2020 was a load of shit.

    Tell us about your 2021, what are you planning for it? What plans did you have that you've had to adjust due to the 'new normal'?

    For me, most of this year has been about starting a new job, and all the work involved in getting embedded in a new company, in a more senior position. In 2021 I want to capitalise on this (pardon the pun) by getting even higher in the company structure, which is where all the interesting work and challenges are. Outside of work, I want to finish the novel I'm writing, and write a full-length play in anticipation of theatres opening up again and being in need of new work to produce.

    Aside from that, the usual - stay healthy, look after my family and friends, be a good person etc.
  4. How's Your Lockdown?

    Posted 11 Apr 2020

    How is lockdown due to COVID-19 in your part of the world?

    Here in the UK, at the time of writing, we're allowed out of the house to shop for essentials and to exercise locally once per day. It's not too bad, honestly. I'm lucky in that I can work from home, my wife has been furloughed, and so I'm actually enjoying spending more time with my familty.

    Also, baking bread, tending houseplants, buying vintage clocks off ebay, making music, working on my new book.
  5. Obligatory Corona Virus Thread

    Posted 13 Mar 2020

    Because god forbid we neglect to discuss it.

    Fear sells, doesn't it? I mean, I get that we should be sensible to limit its spread, and that it can be dangerous to vulnerable people, but you'd think it was the zombie apocalypse or something.

    Have you got COVID-19? If so, did you wash your hands before typing your reply?

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