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  1. In Topic: Kissing Men With Beards

    Posted 21 Jul 2004

    "guys with beards grow them because they like how they look,

    not me, I grow a beard because it grows

    I am too lazy to cut the damn thing off every day

  2. In Topic: Kissing Men With Beards

    Posted 19 Jul 2004

    Posted Image

    One of the shops in the castle has decided to print postcards with, of things, my face on it .... they are actually selling ... people pay good money for this ?

    I think its wild as since I shaved it off, it is no longer an image of me but of somebody else.

  3. In Topic: Che And Osama - Heroes ?

    Posted 24 Jun 2004

    <looks down at his newspaper and keeps on walking>

    <once round the corner, legs it as fast as he can >

  4. In Topic: Che And Osama - Heroes ?

    Posted 24 Jun 2004

    ........and this is the part that people have not yet taken on board much as he is a despised and hated figure in the west, he is bordered on almost a BLOODY ROCK STAR status for many* young muslims.

    Somebody, is using his image to mean one thing to one group of people and a completely different and opposite meaning to another group.

    When was the last time that this kind of thing happened ?


    *obviously not all but a journalist friend just back from the Middle East confirms this is the view now held by many.
  5. In Topic: Communism

    Posted 23 Jun 2004

    Posted Image
    trotsky (without the flashing moustache)

    Leon Trotsky
    Born: 1879 Died: 1940
    Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader, with V.I. Lenin, of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs 1917-1918 and Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs 1918-1924. In 1929:, expelled from the Communist Party by the Stalinist faction of the Party and then deported from the USSR. In 1938 he helped found the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution. In 1940, murdered by a Stalinist assassin at his home in exile, in Mexico

    Posted Image

    terrorism and communism (dictatorship versus democracy)

    the permanent revolution


    P.S Is that the sound of elephants I can hear in the distance ... and are they getting closer?

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