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  1. In Topic: Sucicide

    Posted 17 Nov 2003

    As som people I have expirenced that someone close to me killing themselves. And with everything else living we love that goes away forever they are missed.
    My friend who decieded to kill himself was so deep in his depression and sadness that I have no memory of him not bearing that shadow. He died and got away, and after the immidiate pain of loss I kind of came to trems with his descision.
    There is no reason for adult people to go on if they really can't see any reason to do so... and no one should continue because someone close to them would be in pain after their departure... (I know that fathers/mothers have some special commitment, hence children)...

    Suicide is a terrible way to end it all, but sometimes it is the only way to end it.

  2. In Topic: tattoos

    Posted 2 Nov 2003

    I really don't want to post all my tattos - but I have some... and they are kewl (why else would I wnat to have them??) Anyways...

    I think that one should consider getting tattoos done very carefully, you might end up with something terrible - and getting them removed is a bitch... good luck!

  3. In Topic: Re: Let's see ya

    Posted 3 Aug 2002

    Hmm well well... I am single... perhaps I should.. but those people on that page seems awful strange to me... I dont think I am weird enough to be there...

  4. In Topic: Re: Let's see ya

    Posted 2 Aug 2002


    Sickan, you are a tease. You post another great picture, and at the same time tell us you are going offline. I think you are doing it on purpose.

    Oh well hopeful I wont be offline too long... dont worry dear, I'll be back faster and better soon!

    And yes, I am a tease.

  5. In Topic: Re: Let's see ya

    Posted 29 Jul 2002

    Once upon a time I posted a link to my pics... I was almost naked - and I have now gotten a picture of me... like wearing stuff and like ... erhm... yeah... anyway... some wanted to know what I look like and here I am...

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