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  1. In Topic: Political Participation

    Posted 4 Jun 2009

    View Post Villager, on Jun 4 2009, 07:55 PM, said:

    And if "none of the above" gained the most votes?

    In effect, with average 30 percentile turnouts, they already do. It does of course create a potential loophole for maniacs to exploit by establishing a None of the Above Party, which could steal as many votes as the Conversatives and Literal Democrats combined...

    On the subject of party membership you mention, I remember joining the Labour Party in the 1993 (ish) and being bombarded not by information and policy ideas, but by irritating cold callers asking me for ridiculous donations, despite me being one of John Major's reserve army of the unemployed at the time. It's even pricier to join political parties now, and there's no obvious reason to do so except to vote in their leadership elections.
  2. In Topic: Who Blogs?

    Posted 4 Jun 2009

    View Post grapey, on Jun 2 2009, 10:54 AM, said:

    Does this mean that in some years time, when we get to the end of days, we will find you holed up among your books and haphazard stacks of newspaper, smoking a pipe and muttering to the stray cats you have taken in?

    Not a chance, grapey, I don't buy newspapers is short, though, and it does occur to me and sometimes slightly disturb me that the decisions we make in the battleground of this our fourth decade are arguably the ones that determine the last three to four decades of your life.
  3. In Topic: Political Participation

    Posted 4 Jun 2009

    I always hold my nose and vote, but declining electoral participation has nothing to do with political apathy or popular narcissism: everyone I know talks about politics with great excitement, and the mere fact that they hold politicians in extremely low esteem doesn't stop that. What it does is, as Alexander says, stop them putting their votes to work except occasionally to show their disgust - there was great disappointment up here when H'Angus the Monkey was elected Mayor of Hartlepool and proceeded to take his costume off and go by his real name. People voted for a football monkey mascot; if they'd wanted another damned idiot in a suit, they'd have asked for one.

    The most interesting three ideas to come out of the general public over the last two months here have all been noticeably anti-authoritarian or egalitarian in bent: state "halls of residence" for MPs in London, Canadian- and US-style recall elections (Roy Hattersley made himself look silly by attacking Nick Clegg on this point) for MPs, and most trivial-sounding but actually indicative of all, the right to vote "None of the Above" on the ballot paper. More than any other, this last point would boost electoral participation, because it would give the power of public outrage to those who feel disenfranchized and infuriated by the political culture in the UK at the present time.
  4. In Topic: Keeping Hold Of The Greasy Pole...

    Posted 4 Jun 2009

    I always vote Labour in every election, despite being well to the left of everything they stand for. It's more tempting to vote for left-wing political parties in the European elections, but the SLP are another anti-European party, and even if they weren't I couldn't bring myself to vote for an egotistical wrecker like Arthur Scargill. pH is right about the Tories, but if you look closely at the detail of what Cameron is saying, there isn't any...he's promising to "look closely" at just about everything, which is about as meaningful as Tony Blair's commitment to "looking closely" at PR back in 1997.
  5. In Topic: Who Blogs?

    Posted 29 May 2009

    I'm moving away from technology and innovation as quickly as possible. No TV, no mobile phone, no blog, no internet three and a half weeks of every month - strangely, my life gets markedly better with every absence I create.

    I can't agree with Roach, either. The blogosphere and social networking sites are a step-change so far that they constitute a clear difference in kind from the virtual world we knew. No doubt it'll change for the better eventually, but social networking sites have shaped and distorted online discussion in such a way as to make certain kinds of discussion much harder to find than they used to be when the internet was merely microfine and broadening.

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