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  1. In Topic: Charles Bukowski

    Posted 25 Nov 2008

    Bukowski's a blast, you just have to be into the whole "beat" thing to really enjoy him. He's easily one of my favorites, but I don't know how much of that is NOT hipster irony and enjoying the sleaze and alcoholism.

    I'd kick it off with Notes Of A Dirty Old Man, followed by Tales of Ordinary Madness. If you're not in it by then, you're out.
  2. In Topic: Fast Food Stories

    Posted 25 Nov 2008

  3. In Topic: It's My Friggin' Birthday

    Posted 25 Nov 2008

    I've been converted into a hateful antisocial cunt by hardscrabble city-livin', but still want to wish you a happy belated, Senor Bitchcakes. Thanks for it all.
  4. In Topic: Jena 6

    Posted 9 Oct 2007

    Forgive me, but I have a very hard time trusting a Craigslist post that leads to a white nationalist website. Color me crazy, or maybe even nigger-shaded, but that reeks of utter bullshit.


    "JewSpace"? "Race-mixing faggyboy"? What the fuck is this shit? I hope you're joking, because using this as a worthy source of information is very close to being willing to donate $500 to an exiled Nigerian prince because he e-mailed you. I doubt the people who originated this post would send him a single penny, however, because the prince is still a filthy worthless nigger as far as they're concerned.
  5. In Topic: The Approach

    Posted 9 Oct 2007

    Headphones = automatic defense mechanism from weirdos on public transit. I speak from experience as well as an employer of these tactics. If someone shows a bit of kindness regardless of whether or not they've got their antihuman firewall employed, why the fuck don't you go for it? I seriously think you're overanalyzing it. I've been approached by several women over the past few years via public transit, some indirectly, some too directly, all turned down because I'm already happily involved.

    You're kinda spending too much time thinking and not enough time engaging.

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