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  1. Another Bullshit Night In Suck City

    Posted 8 Mar 2007

    Anyone read this yet? If so, thoughts?

    I was going to pick it up, but decided on Richard Perez's The Losers' Club instead, and I think I made the poorer decision of the two.

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I'm loving The Losers' Club, I just think that Another Bullshit Night might be more up my alley.
  2. E-books/real Books

    Posted 19 Feb 2007

    I've got a ton of e-books. I've got e-books coming out of my goddamn ears. But I haven't touched them. I have reader software on my Treo that's perfect for e-books, but can't even be arsed to load the books on there, much less read them. Why?

    Fuck e-books. I want something tangible. I want to feel the grit of the paper between my hands, to feel the heft of the book as I carry it around. I want something more defining, more engrossing than a backlit screen and having to scroll through pages with a stylus. I love the smell of books. I love going through a bookstore and finding things, as opposed to browsing a set of pre-organized, cut-and-dried links and buying something. It's so sterile that it's nearly frightening.

    What's your take on the contrast between books and e-books? Do you prefer one over the other, and why?
  3. Children Of Men

    Posted 17 Feb 2007

    Fucking epic film. Go see it.

    If you've already done so, thoughts?
  4. N'awlins.

    Posted 1 Sep 2005

    Anyone heard from firebrand?
  5. I'll Totally Shit Myself If...

    Posted 13 Mar 2005

    Yeah. Can we attach images or something eventually?

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