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  1. In Topic: Happy 21st Birthday, Assassin13!

    Posted 12 Mar 2004

    Thank you

    It should be a great day. I will take many pictures and be sure to reagale you with stories of my drunken Demise

    /me Drinks and drinks some more
  2. In Topic: Cd's & Cellphones

    Posted 11 Feb 2004

    Just wait until Green Mamba comes back to find that VG dashed all his hopes and dreams with one swoop of the google universe.
  3. In Topic: Going To Go To Concert @_@!

    Posted 5 Feb 2004

    I've been to mainly Country concerts my entire life so the comparison is null but I tend to have a good time. I am going to see Metallica on march 26th which is going to kick ass. I hope all goes well typh, come back with lots of stories and a few bruises for the memory.
  4. In Topic: The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Posted 28 Jan 2004

    I think we shouldn't have to worry about a cheap knock off or too much artistic freedom. Call me optimistic but I feel that with books Like Hitchhikers or even LOTR for that matter there is such a religious cult following that people will be up in arms if it does not attempt to stay ;with the book' even with Adams 6 feet Under I think the true feeling behind the books would remain the same if ever converted to the Big Screen
  5. In Topic: Only Another Two Years...

    Posted 26 Jan 2004

    Glad I stumbled across this

    Happy B-day E.

    Enjoy the Drunken Debauchary

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