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  1. In Topic: Important - Post History

    Posted 5 Jul 2019

    But however would I giggle at my former self without all the incriminating evidence lying about?
  2. In Topic: Your Career

    Posted 5 Jul 2019

    I'm a manager working for a large software / services company serving the automotive industry. I manager five teams who do various things related to database maintenance and software installation and training. I also run special projects, which is an "X Files" sounding title for writing the software that we use internally to do our job. So I split my time between meetings, project management, and being a code monkey. I've been there 12+ years now, and I really enjoy it.

    Definitely a career at this point. It's a good gig.
  3. In Topic: So... What Have You Been Up To In The Past 10 Years?

    Posted 5 Jul 2019

    Good lord... 10 years? That is the last time I take the scenic route home.

    • I'm 42 now, soon to be 43. (I found a post here where I was bitching about turning 28. *shakes head*)
    • Still married to the same amazing woman
    • Still have four step-children, though we are now glorious empty nest types
    • I have 9 grandchildren and counting... 9. I have a baseball team in grandchildren.
    • Still with the same company, but as a manager of multiple teams doing coding and remote software training type things

    All of which is to say, it was a good decade. I live a good life with lots of love, laughter, and occasional bouts of good-natured swearing.
  4. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 5 Jul 2019

    What about VanGogh? That saucy bastard was probably...

    Oh, never mind.
  5. In Topic: It's Totally My Birthday

    Posted 29 Aug 2009

    View Post Alexander, on 29 August 2009 - 05:46 AM, said:

    Yeah, so it's my birthday today. Woot, go me. The plan is:

    * Gym
    * Off shopping for clothes, vidya games, guitars etc
    * Thai restaurant
    * Booze with chums

    Sounds pretty foolproof to me.

    * Shag
    There ya go... seemed to have dropped that one.

    Happy B-Day!

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September 26, 1976
Ohio, USA

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    10 Jun 2007 - 01:42
    Hey diddly ho neighbor :)
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