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  1. Logo

    Posted 22 May 2009

    It's a 'cross' between a film students homo-erotic nightmare and peeking into the window of the local gay bath house. It's crude, Raw, And cheaply made. The commercials are strange. I kept watching, Waiting to see them topple boundaries of decency and I wasn't disappointed. It's entertaining and visually stimulating to watch.

    Any body else seen the gays on LOGO?
  2. I Won First At The Science Fair!

    Posted 16 May 2009

    Posted Image

    Here is the deal...

    Vegas schools have been pushing this science fair nonsense for four years now. We got a B the first time. Second year we got an A and second place. Last year we got an A but didn't place. This year we won beating the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade projects from about 1000 juvenile delinquents.

    Riley did participate in the actual experiment but, That's about it. All of the lay-out, Text, Pictures, and computer work was done by Melanie and myself.

    Cardboard display: $4.50
    Thermometer : $8.00
    Printing : $5.00
    Alka-Seltzer : $5.00

    Total $22.50

    Basically we bought our kid a much needed A. We could have let him go at it alone. It would have been an abortion. An F. A big fat red F.

    A 'judge' from an other school thought it was great we 'helped'. I still have my reservations. Personally, I would have been mortified to ask my parents for help. I feel guilty that some poor kid didn't win because we did. I even tried to tone it down a bit but the others were just so bad.

    Did we do the right thing? Especially knowing that an A might mean a difference someday. The permanent record will only show A. Not A assisted by parents...
  3. Place The Blame

    Posted 10 Oct 2008

    Every one has an opinion on TV about why the world's banks are turning to shit.

    What is your opinion? Why do you think(or not think) the world is going to shit?

    I'm inclined to look at who has the most to gain and lose.

    Bankers seem to be losers but they have been cashing out for a few years now. I suspect they have money stashed away. That's what a banker would do.

    Pensioners have been clobbered. I just wonder if their losses compare to their recent oil profits? They were driving the oil market with 401k and IRA funds.

    Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, UAE etc. have all made a bunch of money in the name of Allah. How much you wanna bet they are buying up banks at a 90% discount?(citibank is owned by Saudi Royals)

    Our treasury is a division of Israel. (Yep, The jews print American currency) The collapse of our treasury would mean the collapse of Israel also.

    So, Jews lose, Jihad wins, and whitey picks up the check?

    Could this be 'financial jihad'?(copyright friday, October 10th@12:56 am)
  4. Fuckin' Donnie

    Posted 10 Jul 2008

    Donald LeRoy Fung died 8:30 Tuesday morning in a roach motel off Fremont street. He was 43.

    His family loved him but that was about it. Even they really won't miss him too much. Not after 28 years of the shit he put everyone through. Here is a brief list of Donnie's sins.

    Car Theft
    Credit Fraud

    Donnie did five years in prison on the installment plan after violating his parole three different times. He was a menace to drivers everywhere with an average of three wrecks per year. Most due to drugs and alcohol. He ran over an old black man and killed him. He knocked over a bunch of parking meters and put them in the back of his truck. He was obnoxious. I can't even count how many times his actions got us thrown out of bars and restaurants. He threw a pint Guinness glass at a bartender just a few weeks ago. He stole from his family and fraudulently burned their credit. He stole $10 bucks from me the last time he was at my house six months ago. He wanted to fight the last time I saw him at kendoggy's house. I still don't know why.

    He died on the floor of a heroin dealer's bathroom with a needle in his hand. We're pretty sure it was suicide.

    I'm sure you're thinking 'What the HELL are you doing hanging out with a piece of shit like that?'

    It wasn't always that way. I worked with Donnie for many years and several companies. He was one of the best painters I've ever seen. He was really smart and funny to be around. He found the original Skatenigs cd. He used to show up at my house with tickets to hardcore shows. He didn't smoke all my weed. He was a gun nut who reloaded ammo. He was a locksmith.

    He was my best friend's little brother.
  5. Tales From The Tap

    Posted 30 May 2008

    I was out with melaniedoggy having cocktails at an extremely near by bar a few nights ago. It's a mixed crowd, 25% local and 75% tourists. A small group of 40ish tourists were nearby getting drunk and talking loudly. No matter what anyone else said, The 'matron' of the group would one up them. She started with how much traveling she does. One girl mentioned going to mexico. The matron belittled her saying that mexico was unfit and she should go to some god forsaken place that she 'jets' to all the time. One lady led with how she was worried about selling her house. The matron boasted about selling a 'few' of her own but not the beach house in Galveston. Another lady, Closer to me, Led with how her one year old dog had a health problem and the vet bills were getting expensive. Once again, Only this time in a progressively louder voice, The matron explained that she had two dogs with health problems and a pot bellied pig.

    I couldn't stand it anymore, I whispered to the girl closest to me that her friend was full of shit.

    She got this crazy look on her face and told me that I was rude to talk about her Aunt that way. I told her that I'd sat at enough bars to know when someone is full of shit.

    Then I got up to pee...

    When I walked back, The matron was standing in front of my stool. She wanted to know why I thought she was full of shit. I told her it was because she had the loudest mouth at the bar!

    By that time melaniedoggy started to take interest. She said a few un-pleasantries and things started to get hysterical.

    The matron started harking back on past incidences with her group. I almost died laughing when she started in about kicking some bitch in front of a bar and 'Allowing that bitch to live!'

    The only reason I can figure the rest of the group put up with this lady was that they owe her money.

    I'm sure everyone has heard a good one.
    Tell us your story of someone talking out of their ass at a bar.

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