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  1. Holy Fuck!

    Posted 22 Apr 2006

    Since this is where we met, we thought it proper to announce that on April 15th, 2006 Noctornus and cris were wed.

    Posted Image

    If you don't see us around for a while, you'll know why ;)

    -Noc and cris
  2. Irc - The Lost Medium

    Posted 28 Nov 2005

    This is a reminder to all of the established grinders, and a message to all of the new users that AKPCEP has an IRC channel.

    It's become rather barren and forgotten as of late, and I know that there is life that can be breathed into it once again.

    Please, drop in and have a look. If nobody's talking, stick around for a while, or question everybody. The regulars (or irregulars, depending on your view) tend to idle, so don't give up. Sooner or later you'll get a response.

    You can access it by clicking the "Chat" link at the top of the main page, or by connecting to with mIRC or any other IRC client, and going to #akpcep

    Any questions, comments, or problems, post them here, or tell an op in the channel.


    A reminder to those who haven't been around lately, your nick has likely expired, please re-register it.
  3. I've Got Some New Schwag

    Posted 11 Mar 2005

    I've got a new toy to play with. A beautiful 4 selection Coke Machine.

    Currently needs a new power cord, and some cleaning, and I've got to attack some wiring inside with a soldering iron to get it to free vend ($500 for a coin mech, fuck you), but it's all good.

    Posted Image

    More pictures and comments once I get it clean / running etc.

  4. What's In Your Fridge

    Posted 28 Aug 2004

    While I was rhyming off what was in my fridge for Jake, I got a little curious as to what the rest of you had. And no, I'm not talking about food. I'm talking about Booze.

    <@Noctornus> Jake, What do you say, Beer or sleep?
    <@JakeD> You know me.
    <@JakeD> Beer.
    <@Noctornus> I'm getting tired, but I have to agree
    <@Noctornus> Now all I have to do is choose a beer...
    <@JakeD> whatcha got?
    <@Noctornus> Grolsch Amber, Warthog Cream Ale, Aventinis, Red Stripe, Dragon Stout... the list goes on...
    <@Noctornus> Couple of Pilsner Urquell
    <@Noctornus> Or I could just hit my 40 of (Bombay Sapphire London Dry) Gin some more....
    <@Noctornus> Too many choices, not enough livers....
    * Noctornus looks in his fridge...
    <@Noctornus> fucking hell... I do have a lot of different beers...
    <@Noctornus> Warsteiner, Catfish Cream Ale, Smithwicks, Svyturys, Big Rock 'PALE' India Pale Ale, FAXE Strong, Grolsch, Kronenberg....
    <+grapey> ...
    <@Noctornus> There are more...
    <@Noctornus> Some Holstein, Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale, Strongbow, Magners... Bloody Fucking hell I have a lot of beer....
    <@Noctornus> No wonder I can't choose.
    <@Noctornus> Fin Du Monde, Beamish, DAB, Tuborg, Nastro Azzurro...
    <@Noctornus> For the record, my apartment size fridge is full of beer, and my little bar fridge is used for food....
    <@JakeD> hah!

    I also have a bottle of Drambuie and some GlenLivet hanging around somewhere...

    So, there's gotta be a bunch of you who drink at least as much as I do. What do you keep for Booze around the house?

  5. Beers Of The World

    Posted 14 Mar 2004

    What's your brew of choice? Something local? Something imported? No Beer at all? Please, do tell.

    Lately I've been trying a lot of Imports, and I've found a few I like (and a few that I can't stomach). I've come to the conclusion that Canadian beer is mostly shit, except for some of the smaller breweries, American Beer is water, and only beer from Europe has any character. Comments?


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July 12, 1983
The Great White Fucking North

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