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  1. In Topic: Denial

    Posted 7 Sep 2004

    This thread makes me cry, because I didn't know so many of us were so partial to cheesy play-on-words jokes.

    I've actually got something sort of interesting to say about denial. I just started college -- actually, I'm sitting in the computer commons at my school and waiting for my second ever class to start.

    Meanwhile, I feel about twelve years old. Walking in to the building earlier, my roommate Kate turned to me and said "We're too young to be in college." To which I replied "It won't sink in until we're about thirty or fourty, and we'll be saying 'Shit! I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL?!?!'"

    I firmly believe that on my wedding day my mother will wake me up and ask if I feel a year older, and it will be my eighth birthday.

    And I'll say "Yeah, mom! Like a hundred YEARS older!"
  2. In Topic: Shut The Fuck Up!

    Posted 30 Jul 2004

    I had a friend who once equated the word "fuck" with the word "smurf."

    Also, I heard that the word "fuck" originated from the Dark Ages, when serfs had to appeal to the king to have a child, in which case they'd get the okay, and carry out fornication under the consent of the king.

    That may or may not be just a pile of crap.
  3. In Topic: Friday...

    Posted 15 May 2004

    But it's fun. And addictive, actually, I've been playing with it for a half an hour. It's making me want to play Insaniquarium for some reason.
  4. In Topic: A Comparison

    Posted 7 May 2004

    I was really, really depressed today, since I was sitting in government and several of my peers who formerly seemed of sound as well as fairly intelligent mind were voicing the opinion that "those Iraqi prisoners deserved it as pay back for all they've done to us."

    I almost vomited. It's as if we're a nation of children. You make fun of me and I'll make fun of you back. Except we're playing with actual people here.

    When are we going to learn that dignity is not a toy?
  5. In Topic: Family Tree

    Posted 5 May 2004

    Crucias told me about akpcep.

    We've had an on again, off again relationship.

    Me and the site, I mean.

    Generally, I feel like I attatched myself to the bottom of something big and beautiful and I'm just taking the ride. I used to post only when I needed advice or to pimp myself out in a weird half assed "read my writing!" way. I kind of feel like a part of a community now.

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