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  1. In Topic: Happy At Work?

    Posted 9 Sep 2009

    View Post pH5.5, on 07 September 2009 - 07:40 PM, said:

    maybe everyone's reaction is such a way because of the difficulties there are in making a living from the arts. go back through centuries and you'll find most of those we regard as greats have had wealthy financiers allowing them to have enough to live on whilst creating their works. it's actually the way i'd like to see music going, as i'm growing to be against the idea of having to pay for recorded music (though not live performance). but you haven't indicated what your artform is to be, so i can't really say anything further on that.

    all in all though good luck to you and i hope you have success!

    I'm going full time to work at a florist. :) I'll be working on weddings and things like that - not just a tiny little shop that does vase arrangements. I think it's going to be blast to be out of the office, I can't wait!
  2. In Topic: Shhh.. don't talk about it.

    Posted 30 Dec 2003

    The real problem with rape is that the victims will, and continue to pay the price over and over again. From the invasive investigations, to extremely cold courtroom proceedings, she's got a lot more pain to deal with, and I'm not just referring to her stitches. She is going to be re-ving this for a long time, even if she can't remember it now. I'd recommend you steer clear of any arrests yourself, she's going to need you then more than ever.

    Not to mention, police already carry bad reps for being in the line of work they're in anyway. If we left it strictly up to the police to be judge, jury and executioners, I'd be running like hell.

    I'm a Criminal Justice major at school, and one of the things they teach us first, is to do the job right. If you don't, charges can and will be dropped.

    Just be the ear, shoulder, or hugs that she mayneed; it's all anyone can do. :-[

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