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  1. Happy At Work?

    Posted 4 Sep 2009

    I wonder how you all feel about this. I share because I'm curious.

    I am sitting here contemplating what I'm doing. Literally- what I'm doing. Typing and stapling and phone calls - is this really what it's all about? I'd like to think that the answer is absolutely not. It's not what you do that makes you who you are; it's how you live your life, right? This is what I do for most of my days, hours on end - sitting at a desk chair and wash, rinse, repeat.

    I'm about to leave this world of office life and begin a new, artistic career adventure. As I type this I find myself absolutely terrified by the idea of leaving what is so familiar to so many of us. When I share my news I get weird looks and raised eyebrows. I'm often greeted by an unconvincing, "wow, that's great.....?" I'm not ashamed of my decision but I find that this regular reaction leaves me questioning whether it was the right choice.

    In America we don't do extended holidays or embrace the idea of travel. Especially in NYC. You're valued by how much bacon you bring home even if you don't get to enjoy it. The material things are what seem to matter to everyone. For me, I could really care less about living in a giant house or wearing designer coats. I'd like to think I don't have a need for all of this "stuff." But now this idea of making less money and doing something emotionally enriching seems almost ridiculous and immature. Why am I feeling so guilty about the prospect of being happy at work?

    I pose the question to all of you because I know I'll get interesting answers. How do you all see this fitting into your lives? Has this happened to any of you?

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