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  1. In Topic: Trick Or Treat

    Posted 3 Nov 2006

    Every year I wear the same clothes I always wear. Every year someone says "nice costume." I've aparently dressed up as Betty Paige, a dominatrix, a witch, and a demon, all without every wearing clothes diffrent than my normal attire. I guess that means halloween is the one day a year that I can get away with being me.
  2. In Topic: Fuck Off

    Posted 3 Nov 2006

    I'm going to have to agree with the above comment on how it's not really "offended" so much as "dissapointed."

    I've been dissapointed by a lot of people, but I'm only ever mock-angry. I like to rant about stuff and sometimes even fancy that I am funny, but I generally don't care a lot.

    Also, I have a very short memory. I've been in an on again/ off again relationship/ freindship with this guy Jamie since I was in highschool (almost 10 years.) When we go for a bit without talking, I always remember there is a reason, but it never matters enough to remember, and so we end up talking again.

    I wouldn't say I am offended by religion or racism so much as bugged. It irks me from time to time, but never enough to leave a lasting impression. Actually, now that I think about it, I do so much so quickly and am so busy so often, not much ever leaves a lasting impression on me.
  3. In Topic: So What Do You Do?

    Posted 27 Oct 2006

    It's actually really horrible, and I really don't think I feel comfortable telling anyone. At least, not until the police investigation is over and shit.

    But they were healthy, and we didn't see it coming. My dad went over there for dinner like he does every week, and he found them dead.

    I'm just curious if anyone has a suggestion (other than what my wacky mom's family does which is séances) of what to do in place of a funeral. My sister will be here tomorrow from Japan and she wants to have some kind of ceremony, but none of us know what to do.
  4. In Topic: Tell Me Something I Don't Know

    Posted 24 Oct 2006

    I don't know eigther, but wouldn't you think hockey?

    Anyway, here's my strange fact:

    Richard Wetherill (who disovered anazazi cliff dwellings all over the american southwest that would help future generations understand the people that lived here before us) is burried where he was murdered by a government agent in 1890: In a national park at Chaco Canyon. Park rangers are confused because there are often fresh flowers on his grave.
  5. In Topic: Anton!

    Posted 18 Oct 2006

    Happy Birthday. If I could, i would get laid in your honor. Instead, I will look at porn in your honor.

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