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  1. So What Do You Do?

    Posted 26 Oct 2006

    My grandparents just died. They where 96 years old and had good lives. They didn't believe in god and they didn't want a funeral. So, what do you do to say goodbye?
  2. Do You See What I See?

    Posted 7 Feb 2006

    My mother mentioned to me recently that she had spoken to a psychic about me long ago and this women told her I was also a psychic.

    I'm not. I don't believe in all that nonsence about being able to speak to someone's dead grandmother for them or some such hogwash.

    Still... do any of you have "a sence" about people? What I mean is... I can see a lot about people that sometimes, they don't even see themselves. I don't consider this being psychic. I just assume it's all the phycology classes and being observant.

    But, I have introduced one friend to another because I was sure of what would happen if thier personalities interacted. I wanted to see if I was right, and I always was.

    So here's my questions:
    Do any of you see into people?
    Do you think there's any point to paying attention to the supernatural?
  3. Closest Genetic Match

    Posted 1 Aug 2005

    I was talking to my mother the other day. It seems the family dog has been in the depths of despair since my sister hauled off and jioned the armed forces. They were very close. My sis and the dog, I mean. Ironically,

    My mom was also saying that scientists had been studying the human genome, and comparing it to that of other animals. Those who favor evolution had been expecting us be be closest genetically to monkeys. That, however, is not the case. Upon further study, it seems our genome is closest to that of domestic dogs.

    I dunno... this raises some questions.

    Any thoughts?
  4. Where Is Home For You?

    Posted 27 Jul 2005

    If I had to say where my "home" was, I really wouldn't know.

    I've been travelling for what feels like my whole life. Originally I'm from California. And yet, I'm in Texas right now and I love the culture and the people here... (For those not from the states, California is about as diffrent from Texas as Iraq is from Scottland.)

    But when it all comes down to it, I find myself feeling lost in the world. People seem to have a strong feeling of where thier home is. But, I really don't know...

    Where is your home, if you have one? Why does it feel like home to you? Would you want to live anywhere else? If so, why?
  5. Killing My Soul

    Posted 17 Jun 2005

    Did you ever meet one of those people who thinks humans are worthless wastes of space and the world is shit, and there's no point to living?

    (if you are one of those people I apologize.)

    But here's the thing... I'm a generally optimistic person, and I think I can do anything if I try. I like most poeple, and think the world is full of cool stuff.

    But if I spend too much time with one of these doom & gloom types, it always feels like my soul is curling up inside...

    What do you think is stronger and/or easier to defend in an argument; the "world is a good place" opinion, or the "world is shit" opinion?

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