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Topics I've Started

  1. Fast Food Stories

    Posted 17 Sep 2008

    Over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting some of my favorite fast food related stories over on

    The first one is up now, and I just wanted to let people know, as some of them are pretty damn funny.
  2. A Uk Question

    Posted 10 Apr 2007

    There's a lot of people here from the UK, and I'm unable to find the information i want on google.

    Can somebody provide me with a list of all the cell phone service providers in the UK?

  3. Workplace Spying

    Posted 6 Apr 2007

    I need some advice.

    Today I noticed my computer was running slower than usual, so i hit alt ctrl del and noticed something using a lot of memory that I hadn't noticed before...


    a little bit of research showed that this is a keylogger, screen capture, website logging program used by companies to monitor their employee's internet usage.

    Seeing my boss outside of his office I did a quick netstat and saw his computer connected to mine.

    I uninstalled the program leaving it so the last screen capture of mine he'd see when going back into his office would be one of me opening spybot search and destroy... so he may or may not know i found and removed it.

    As luck would have it, I sit next to a guy who just got a brand new computer - so I know he doesn't have spyware.

    sure enough, it was installed on his computer too.

    what would you do? Obviously they have the right to do this, but since it was never mentioned to me, it sends a strong message that they don't trust their employees.

    My quarterly review just happens to be tomorrow too.

    what would you do in this situation? I need some advice.
  4. A Morbid Thought

    Posted 6 Feb 2007

    Here's a very morbid thought...

    what effect did the holocaust have on the population of Europe?

    I estimate that if the holocaust had not happened, there'd be between 50-70 million more people in Europe (as some estimate that 26 million were killed, and their kids kids would be having kids now).

    You'd need another England to fit them all, as England only has 60k people.

    Do you think Europe could handle 50-70 million more people without any lifestyle changes or consequences?

    I'm not saying that any good could have ever come out of the holocaust.. it's a terrible thing. I don't support it.... but I'm just curious as to what would have happened to Europe had it not occured.

  5. Let's Write A Poem

    Posted 12 May 2006

    OK here's how it works. Everybody contributes a line.. copy and paste the whole thing into your entry, and add your line.

    Topic: Angst filled emo teenagers write crappy poetry and think they're "deep"

    I'll start the first line:

    I log onto my blog so I can rhyme my whine.

    Your turn.

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