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  1. Chatspike

    Posted 21 Oct 2006

    So has chatspike moved? I got a global about restarting the server this morning at about 9 and now I can't connect at all. Do I need to change my settings or does the server have a different name? How am I to talk to mermy if I can't get online!
  2. Suomynona

    Posted 31 Oct 2005

    Not that I actually expect you to post, as the vast majority of new members never do, but should you happen to re-appear on our horizon sometime in the future, I'd like to know if you happen to speak Finnish.
  3. Delay

    Posted 19 Oct 2005

    Tom DeLay's lawyers hope to avoid the fingerprinting process. After all, that just might make him something like a criminal.
  4. Us History

    Posted 9 Sep 2005

    I think we all know that us schools don't teach much of anything about recent history. So I know very little. It is well beyond time for me to start doing research myself, so I need to start. My question is:

    Where do I start? Do any of you know of any good websites or books (although those will be harder to find as I'm not in an english speaking country) which I should start with?
  5. Hiroshima Day

    Posted 6 Aug 2005

    August 6, 1945 8:15 a.m. JMT a bomb called the "Little Boy" was dropped on an industrial city in Japan killing 70,000 innocents and not-so-innocents alike as they made their way about their morning business. This is the largest scale mass killing at any one given point in time on record for the human race.

    Today, 60 years later, we remember the victims who some see as a justified sacrifice and others see as needlessly murdered victims. On city sidewalks across the US there will be found, where ever a group of individuals were interested, a number of body outlines. At the flash point of the explosion, the bodies there vaporized leaving nothing but a shadow of what they once were on the ground. Bereaved family and friends traced these shadows first as a method to help identify who they may have been, and then as a rememberance of the victims of humanity's most attrocious crime upon its own members.

    However, 70,000 victims were not enough to satisfy the powers that were.

    August 9, 1945 11:02 a.m. JMT another bomb, this one called the "Fat Boy", was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan killing another 50,000 people.

    Just two bombs killed 120,000 outright and "about twice as many [more] over time." There are still victims of these bombings living today, some with cancer and other illnesses and others with just the terrible memory of what happened those two fateful days.

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September 17, 1984
German, Poetry, theatre, ASL, history

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