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  1. In Topic: Anti-piracy Office Accused Of Piracy

    Posted 24 Mar 2005


    That would be another blow to the APB which, since its triumphant international press release announcing the raid on Bahnhof, has found itself the subject of investigations by the Swedish Data Inspection Board and the National Post and Telecom Agency.

    The organisation is accused of breaking personal data laws by checking and registering "IP addresses", unique identifiers for every computer on the internet, as well as laws governing electronic communication.

    Shortly after the Bahnhof raid the APB web site was hacked and Henrik Pontén was the subject of a "hate-sms" campaign.

    Nemz; today after reading about it in headlines said:

    I have said time and time again, they can't do this shit here!
  2. In Topic: Anybody Got $29.95?

    Posted 23 Mar 2005

    I give out my yahoo address for that sort of things, and check it from time to time. It has a spam filter, so the really obnoxious stuff gets filtered, and I generally only get stuff I subscribe to.

    I avoid giving out my ISP address, but at some point someone had it mined out of their Outlook addressbook (I would guess), and I started getting spam on it. It is sad, but then I got Thunderbird and things got better.
  3. In Topic: What Are You?

    Posted 23 Mar 2005

    I am Fluffy, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    No, seriously. ;)

    I would say I am at least part of the reason Pos is quite Pos-centric, as he grew up around me (and his female relatives). Most prominently, I think, I am a creature quite unfettered by morals, ideas of right and wrong or good and evil, except as to how they apply to my own comfort.

    Really, I am just me. I could tell you what I like and dislike, and that could go on for pages, but it wasn't really the question in this thread.
  4. In Topic: Wisdom

    Posted 16 Feb 2005

    Some "holy men" may be wise, but overall they are mostly charlatans. To me, a wise person is one who knows well what and how much they do not yet know about the universe, and thus knows their limitations--for it is the lack of knowing those limitations that causes people to make fools out of themselves.

    A stupid man who knows he is stupid is wise.
  5. In Topic: Ping.. Where Are You?

    Posted 15 Feb 2005

    I am really really sorry this was done.

    Not least because recently we had a pee episode with one of our cats, and while it could be labeled as antisocial, we found what was upsetting him and fixed the cause instead, so he is now happy again and does not pee outside the box. Cats defecating and urinating in places other than the box is usually caused by their unhappiness with something (in our case it was the type of litter we tried to use or box not being clean enough) in the house.

    To have put a cat down for something as treatable as this--I hope the old woman roasts in hell on a fire of cat feces forever.

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