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  1. In Topic: The Akpcep Nostalgia Thread

    Posted 21 Sep 2019

    When Winter casually pointed out that I have my head up my ass...
    It took more than 15 years for it to sink in far enough for me to notice and come up for air
  2. In Topic: 2008 -> 2009

    Posted 9 Jan 2009

    Awesome 2009. Happy birthday. Happy Easter. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry XMas and all the best for 2010. There, I'm good for another year.
  3. In Topic: Do You Trust The Media?

    Posted 19 Mar 2007

    Found this gem of a News SIte that gets as close to the truth as you'll ever get about the real South Africa (as opposed to the one CNN fabricates) -
  4. In Topic: Brushed With Death!

    Posted 15 Mar 2007

    Wouldn't exactly say this was a brush with death (I guess it could have been a close call).

    I have this thing for lightning. I can just sit or stand and watch it for hours and I even managed to capture a few bolts on my digital before (takes some serious persistence and timing if you're not in video mode).
    Anyway, there was this massive thunderstorm. Problem was the pool was filling pretty fast and I had to go drain some water off before it overflowed. I started the whole process and went and stood under the porch while the water drained off. My wife was inside and shouted at me through the glass door. There was so much noise (thunder and rain pelting down) that I couldn't hear what she was saying, so I went over to the window and opened it a bit wider so I could hear better (Please note said window has aluminium frame).
    As I grabbed hold of the frame a huge lightning bolt flashed and sent a massive shock through the window frame, up my arm and through my body.
    So maybe it was a brush with death, maybe it was just a little shock, but either way I have never felt so exhilarated in my entire life. The whole night I was running around like a kid who had way too much soda.
  5. In Topic: Having A Spot Of Bother

    Posted 12 Mar 2007

    Sell it ... Magic Ink for your Forum

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3rd World
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