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Topics I've Started

  1. Web Design

    Posted 9 Mar 2007

    When I see a site like this ( that offers courses in Web Design ... I always wonder what the hell are they teaching people?
  2. Voidspace

    Posted 9 Mar 2007

  3. How Do You Change The World?

    Posted 7 Mar 2007

    Ever since I realised that there is more to life than the narrow-minded beliefs that have been passed down to me from the generations before me ... I have been trying to change people. Sharing my thoughts and ideas in the hopes that somewhere in the abundance of ideas swimming through the sea of grey, they would find something that would inspire them to look at the world a little differently ... maybe even inspire them to change it.

    Somehow, somewhere along the line I never realised that all this time I've been standing on the inside looking out...

    So, if you want to change the world ... just do it... it's all a matter of perception.
  4. Fuck It!

    Posted 5 Mar 2007

    OK, so last week we get a new server and me being the most knowledgeable (but not nearly qualified) get to spend the day with the IT dude while he sets up the server ... so at least somebody in the office has some idea of what's what. See, the deal we got was a Server at cost price with no installation charges (because the IT dude is a friend of the big boss). The catch is he's doing it on the side as a favor and only has one day. Problem is he doesn't finish, so last week I get to spend two days trying to set up the server and all 19 users in our office. Amazingly I get everything working (except the network printers and a few other minor bugs, like XP's pain in the ass can't connect more than 10 users to a network at any given point in time). Big bad is now everybody thinks I'm the fucking IT dude and whenever they can't do anything (mostly out of sheer stupidity) they come knocking on my door. My solution to almost everything ... Restart (strangely enough 9/10 times it actually is the solution). Still I'm not getting paid to do 2 jobs and I hardly enjoy doing either, but here I am. Worst bloody thing is that if the whole fucking thing crashes or something then I'll be the asshole responsible (not because I accepted responsibility, but simply because ownership is the hump on the back of "let me see if I can help")

    As I was typing this I had yet another fucking moron ask me the same question that I have been answering all day!
  5. Comic - Daredevil Father

    Posted 5 Mar 2007

    We all know Daredevil, but until you've read this you will never know Daredevil. Although it took Joe Quasada 3 years to finish this 6 issue mini-series, it turned out to be well worth the wait. Redefined everything I thought I knew about Matt Murdock and is the first comic to make me actually shed a tear (Even the original The Crow Graphic Novel couldn't do that).

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49 years old
May 18, 1972
3rd World
The Symbiosis of Life & Death, Comics & Web Design

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