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  1. Rethinking?

    Posted 29 Oct 2004

    I came across This website and thought you guys might like it since so many of you are supporters of Kerry. There is tons of information on there, everything you wanted to know about John Kerry and more B).
  2. Stolen Honor

    Posted 23 Oct 2004

  3. Heart And Soul Of The Grinding Shed

    Posted 18 Oct 2004

    seems those forums are pretty quiet lately.... I wonder why...
  4. Mirages

    Posted 9 Jul 2004

    Click here :)

    Poor birds.... by the time they get close enough to see what's up it's like "OH SHI<<SMACK>>"
  5. A Cure For Cancer?

    Posted 26 Jun 2004

    Alexander, on Jun 25 2004, 12:41 PM, said:

    Oh and Princess, if you've got the cure for cancer it's really not sporting to keep it to yourself.

    Thanks Alexander, I don't have the cure for cancer, but some forms of cancer are being cured :)
    Here is the original post at the Flipside, that lilith so graciously pointed out: Click Me
    and for those of you who don't feel like reading it, some treatments that have shown success include:

    Cancer Salves, Oasis, Hoxsey, Essiac

    These are just to get you started, the original post at the flip-side, as this one also, was meant to get anyone thinking of alternative cures to cancer and why they are so frowned upon in the US, and SOME other countries. There are many books and papers out there, of which anyone can find with a little looking. It's not my job (as Lilith thinks it is) to post all the available research studies on every conventional and alternative cancer treatment and prove one side or the other. Nor will I post everything I have ever read or researched on this website. I am not writing a book here, and don't intend to simply 'tell you' all you need to know on the subject, and as any good scientist knows, such a topic can take years and years of research and study, (not just clinical trials), and generate far more literature than a simple post on a message board. With any topic, it all comes down to that you have to research it and make the decision on what you believe in for yourself. I don't claim to know everything, nor do I claim that these or other websites you will find are solid scientific proof either for or against a cure for cancer... (Generally the internet is a poor source for anything, except porn). Although with success rates such as conventional medicine's cancer treatment, and that they have had 30 years to find a cure for cancer, and that they don't look at all sides of the issue, it's time to start looking around a bit.

    Here is something that I found interesting regarding Statistics.
    Oh and side effects... of conventional treatment, such as Chemotherapy
    here are a few that are listed:
    Hair loss
    itchy rash
    loss of appetite
    sore mouth
    taste change
    nausea and vomiting
    changes to the lung tissue, undefined... hmmm...
    sensitivity to sunlight
    numbness or tingling in hands or feet
    loss of fertility
    high fever
    reduction of the production of blood cells -- don't we need these? lol
    Abdominal cramps
    liver damage

    there are many more listed... but with all these side effects, and such a low survival rate, one wonders why conventional medicine institutions don't actively seek out alternative treatments to cancer.
    Here is another site I found on cancer, it has some information.

    My own research has lead me to believe that Green Tea can help prevent cancer, this article is just one I found today, but other sources for cancer treatment and prevention include books like,
    Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide by Burton Goldberg
    Disease Prevention and Treatment by the Life Extention Foundation

    again, this post and the other are intended to get people started thinking about what's going on with cancer today, and how it is treated in your own country and others. It's not like there are many new debates out there regarding this topic, but to me, being a scientist means examining all the data... not just leaving out what is inconvient or not clinically proven yet. If we go about doing that, we will never move on to new research and discover what we do not know.

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