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  1. In Topic: Free choice

    Posted 23 Feb 2009

    I like to play with blood, though usually the stuff I play with tastes like corn syrup and is a movie prop.

    As per the whole "thought creating reality" thingermajig... I believe our unconscious desires do shape some of our DECISIONS and INTERPRETATIONS of reality, but ultimately I think reality is just... out of our abilities to manipulate, conscious or unconsciously. I think the whole "think it and it will happen" mentality is good for getting your butt off the couch and pursuing your goals, but when taken as anything other than a noble lie we tell ourselves in order to get aforementioned arse off the couch... well that's just poppycock.

    After all... I really truly want boobs bouncing in my face all the time, and millions of dollars just magically appearing in my bank account. Sure, you might say that my desire for these things shapes my decisions, but still doesn't change the fact that my "game" is as affective as a funeral and my bank account a list of debt collectors....
  2. In Topic: Through Bright Light

    Posted 23 Feb 2009

    Like that I hear voices in my head telling me to put up facebook pages? Or that I've missed you buggers and am glad to be back around the shed? Or perhaps that my feet smell funny...

    Really there are a lot of things I could tell you, the question is: what of it do you want to know? :P
  3. In Topic: Thinking Of Signing Up To Spam Your Shit?

    Posted 8 Jul 2008

    Is that your way of saying you aren't interested in the increased penis mortgage that has been flooding inboxes all over the globe? I mean really... why wouldn't you want to increase your penis mortgage?

    And yes... "increase your penis mortgage" is actually a spam I received in my inbox... spent most of the day trying to figure out what a "penis mortgage" would be and why I would need one to afford something that I was born with for free...
  4. In Topic: If You Were A Robot...

    Posted 8 Jul 2008

    Aren't I? I just assumed.

    I guess this falls under the matrix dilemma. If everything you knew was a lie, but you operated fully functional within this lie, is it really worthwhile to be informed of the lie? Unlike the majority of the characters in the matrix, I think my apathy would win over if I found out everything I knew was a lie... I'd probably just accept it and continue my illusionary existence since any new type of existence would probably be just as illusionary, only in a different manner.

    But what the hell, it would be entertaining to find out I was a robot. Then I could live my dream of fighting crime.
  5. In Topic: Your Method Of Death

    Posted 8 Jul 2008

    I think it would be interesting, though little more than a novelty. I mean, I already figure I'm going to eventually die no matter what anyway, not sure what difference it would make to my life now, but that said, it would be nice to know if I get sexed to death in an orgy of cute Russian and/or Romanian girls, or burned slowly to death trapped in a car. My point being that obviously some deaths are better than others, right up to the point where one might not avoid it, while others are so hideously horrific that it would probably pay to be forwarned so that any attempts to avoid said nasty end could be put in place.

    Of course, there's also the fact that I'm evil and evil never dies... so I might be off lucky that way.

    So yes. I think I might want to know.

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