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  1. Through Bright Light

    Posted 18 Feb 2009

    Greetings, Grinders!

    As we know, I've been working on this daggone novel for quite awhile, so when I finally put this guy out there, I thought you guys would be a good place to offer it up-- feels a bit like seeing a child off to his first days of school. I look forward to hearing from you about what you think about it, and feel free to offer up any reviews herein.

    Plus you can feel good with each sale knowing you are keeping me one step further from homelessness :P

    Click here to check it out!. Bear in mind, the downloadable content is cheaper AND gets me more profit (and thus is win-win for everybody)... just... throwing that out there :P

    Oh, and almost forgot... I'm setting up pages where you can chat with the main characters online. So far, I have pages up for Boogeyman and Nihile. Feel free to add them and chat with the crazy buggers.
  2. Sneak Preview

    Posted 21 Jun 2008

    This will only be up for a limited time, basically just to gather some feedback. Let me know what you think:

    Part one
    Part two
    Part three

    And yes, the image quality is better in the original, sadly had to lose some in the compression, but thanks to my pal DivX the loss shouldn't be too bad (and the file size was manageable to boot).

    Feel free to leave comments on the youtube page so long as they aren't about onions. Nobody likes onions.
  3. Any Volunteers?

    Posted 19 Apr 2008

    Well, I've finally decided my skills at net programming suck balls. I want to update my monsterintern website not only to include embeds of my new vids but also to fix the problem where 40% of the site (and the navigation menu at that) isn't viewable in Safari...

    Is there anyone with php and javascript experience willing to give a brotha a hand in editing his website and perhaps tightening up the code? The website is http://www.monsterintern. com and anyone who could tidy it up is welcome to try (I'd give ftp access where necessary).

  4. New Junk

    Posted 19 Apr 2008


    I have added a new bit of work to my repertoire... if you like what you see, there is also a problem: I am near broke when it comes to funding this as my thesis (with different actors). So if you like what you see, and have a kind heart and don't want to see me starve to death, you can donate to my paypal at shannonjstever@monsterintern. com . If you don't like what you see, you can donate too, in order to ensure that I have enough money to pay for better equipment.

    Anyway, other than that plea for help, let me know what you think.
  5. The Fire, It Burns Us Both

    Posted 17 Feb 2008

    This is my newest flick.

    Let me know what you think.

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