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  1. In Topic: Plagiarism...

    Posted 19 May 2007

    Thanks for the advice one and all. Deadline one met, and previous essays soundly pilfered from. Now, just for the rest of it. Bugger.
  2. In Topic: Plagiarism...

    Posted 16 May 2007

    View Post cris, on May 16 2007, 04:36 PM, said:

    It's not possible to steal your own work, as long as it was yours to begin with. Making changes, improving, tweaking or whatever, it's your option to change or reuse your own work.

    Thanks Cris, thats exactly the sort of logic I was hoping for. Obviously, anything I'm citing will just be re-cited.
  3. In Topic: Plagiarism...

    Posted 16 May 2007

    View Post Alexander, on May 16 2007, 03:37 PM, said:

    I think the idea of university is that you learn more than one thing.

    Get a job!

    Oh Alex, such a pure idealist! Whilst the idea of university may be to learn many things, the reality of university is that it simply raises you to the level of employability that A-levels used to. If simply knowing lots made me employable, I'd have done something interesting for three years, like Anthropology, or Philosophy, or Classics perhaps. But unfortunately they only qualify you for a more time in education or the welfare system.*

    And my job is one of the reasons I haven't the time for all this 'learning'. I pay taxes and everything don't you know.

    *Disclaimer: I know there are some good Uni's out there that do proper courses in difficult things. The sort that don't actively encourage you to have a term time job because you simply won't have the time.
  4. In Topic: Royal Versus Sarkozy: A Palimpsest

    Posted 9 May 2007

    View Post Duncan-O, on May 9 2007, 03:56 AM, said:

    From my limited understanding, it seems to me that the "35-hour work week" is yet another hot-button non-issue like abortion, gay marriage, flag-burning, Paris Hilton, and "globalization." All of these are quickly understood sound-bite items on which any jackass can just as quickly create an uninformed opinion. They distract attention from real underlying problems, and when they are relevant at all, they are only discussed in superficial ways.

    French workers are quite productive on a per-hour measurement, more productive than Americans and near the top of Europe I believe. But unemployment has been stuck around or above 10% (possibly quite a bit more by some measurements) for like a thousand years. What Sarkozy may have the balls to confront is the tenure-like system that was originally designed to protect workers' jobs. The net effect though is that it's extremely difficult for immigrants or the young to get anywhere in the job market. That's why you get crowds of foolish indoctrinated French youths protesting in the streets at the very mention of "economic reform." Oh yeah, and banlieue riots that only end when the pissed-off underclass runs out of cars to burn.

    Who cares about the 35-hour work week? Will swapping it for a 40-hour one really have more than a negligible effect on anything? Will talking about abortion or gay marriage really do anything more than piss people off to the point of fanaticism? Fuck, if the jackass typing this wasn't so cocksure of his uniformed opinion of the right to one's own free will, he might start to get really jaded about the concept of democracy.

    Well it seems like them French youths are at it again after "a second night of postelection violence left cars burned and store windows smashed" was reported in the guardian a couple of days ago. ( worldlatest/story/0,,-6616793, 00.html)

    Only according to Time, its not the pissed-off underclass this time, as "this is hardly a reprise of the 2005 riots that swept France's blighted suburban housing projects: The current bedlam is taking place at the center of some of France's largest cities, and the participants are mostly white, educated and relatively comfortable middle class". ( world/article/0,8599,1618561, 00.html)

    I largely find this all interesting, as perhaps due to my youth, I just can't imagine it happening in the UK. We don't seem to have proper political parties, just different coloured logos trying to seize the hallowed centre ground. And even more unlikely is the idea of people actually caring enough about an ideology to take to the streets about it! I meet more people that insist on trying to end any politically ended conversation by making declarations such as "It's a secret vote for a reason" - And I work in the arts! These people are meant to be passionate.
  5. In Topic: Royal Versus Sarkozy: A Palimpsest

    Posted 9 May 2007

    View Post pH5.5, on May 9 2007, 07:05 PM, said:

    this is about a nation that starts at 10, finds time for a siesta and goes home at 4.30, and if anyone says anything they blockade the ports. vive le france indeed...

    ...and they get to wear the suits too! You almost sound envious pH (and inaccurate). Hehe. ;)

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