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  1. Angel Cat

    Posted 24 May 2007

    I really don't know what to say about this...

    Posted Image
  2. Plagiarism...

    Posted 16 May 2007

    Q: Is it possible to plagiarise my own work?

    I'm currently writing a report for my Uni course. Having noticed that, with some tweeking, i can cover a lot of the topics by lifting sections from previous reports and essays and then fill out the circumstantial bits, I suddenly wondered whether or not thats allowed. My previous work isn't published (because that would be laughable, I go to an ex-poly) so can't be very well cited (and even if it were, would it be necessary?). However, I don't think my lecturer would need too be too sharp to notice that I've been pillaging my previous work.

    What doth thou learned scholars think?
  3. Soma

    Posted 8 May 2006

    It's taken me six months of fighting the prevailing attitudes of SU to get this far, and now it's starting to feel like it might after all be premature birth for my little project. But i'm sure it's just nerves.

    If it works then I'll be in a good position to make it a regular event when i return for the new year in the autumn, if it flops, they'll probably never agree to live music again, ever. So, no pressure to create an audience from scratch, for a night they've never heard of, at a venue known for nothing then.

    Simple plan: 3 Bands, 2 DJ's, late liscence, cheapest entry of any SU event of all year and a blitskrieg style publicity drive.

    So, if anyone that grinds on here's in ye olde London Town, you're welcome to come join us! (I'll be the one doing a cringe-worthy job of compereing for the night)

    Seriously, Elephant & Castle's a really nice part of town.
  4. Battle Cry!

    Posted 10 Jan 2006

    Yes, yes I know. This is crap, a number of you on the board probably wrote fonts or code or something that this guy's knicked, you've probably all seen it before and most dangerously of all, this is extremely geeky for someone of my esteemed cool.

    That said, follow the link and share you're blood curdler...

    http://chaz.bdmonkey... e=catcher&sex=m


    "I'm going to smack you with such reckless abandon, your timbers will shiver!!!"

    Don't let it be said I didn't warn you.
  5. Salutations

    Posted 29 Jun 2005

    Here’s one for the linguists (I think) –

    In the case of addressing a letter to Professor Sir Joe Brown, what is the appropriate salutation? We’re at a loss in the office. Some think one of them should be dropped, and some that the first name has to be used as well and I can’t find any sort of guide for the rules pertaining to this so you’re my last hope. Anyone know about this kind of thing?

    Incidentally in the rules list we have (that obviously doesn’t include this instance) apparently the appropriate salutation when writing to the Queen is either ‘If it would please your Majesty’ or rather more plainly ‘Dear Madam’ is also acceptable, but I bet she’d know you were a scrubber if you used that one.

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