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  1. In Topic: Whatever Happened To...

    Posted 24 Jan 2020

    I can't believe my login just worked... I tried to look this site up a while ago and thought it had died. What a joy to see it still alive.

    I really wonder how many people here would remember me, but in case anyone is curious, here is a reckoning of my current life:

    I finished my bachelor's degree (2005), master's (2007) and doctorate (2012) in trumpet performance. I am a professor at the same mid-sized Canadian state university where I did my undergrad, and I have an active life as a performer outside of my teaching. In 2017 I married my beautiful wife, who is a professional cellist. This past summer we got a dog.

    Being on this site was so important to me when I first stumbled on it (~2001-2004). I loved writing and it was a great outlet. I had a lot of angsty feelings and wasn't great at making friends back then, and the relationships I had on here sustained me. Looking back, I was pretty immature (which was obvious to many of the forum's wiser members) but somehow people still kept embracing and forgiving me after every social debacle.

    I often think about this site and the kinds of social interactions it fostered. Today's internet is such a different beast, built for maintaining ties (facebook) or incredibly shallow interactions with strangers (instagram, reddit), but not for the kinds of conversations and friendships that seemed to arise when I first went online. Maybe things like discord are helping, though.

    Anyway, if you've been around long enough to remember me: hello, it's nice to see you again old friends, and I hope wherever you've ended up, you're doing very well.
  2. In Topic: Tell The Shed Three Things About You

    Posted 25 Dec 2008

    I live on an island with its own time zone.

    When I was a kid I was afraid to try cheese. I would even pick it off pizza. I called it the "skin."

    I only contribute to this forum every three years.

    Seriously, I can't believe my account still works. And that you're all still here!

    Merry Christmas, everyone, see you in 2011!
  3. In Topic: The Hero Machine

    Posted 29 Oct 2004

    Posted Image

    I tried to put an ugly baby in one hand, but you get the idea. My bus to university in the mornings also goes to the 'burbs mall. shudder
  4. In Topic: La Marseillaise

    Posted 27 Jun 2004

    A more-or-less on-topic response: the most violent patriotic song Canada has to offer. By Stompin' Tom Conners, "The Good Old Hockey Game."

    Hello out there, we're on the air
    It's Hockey night tonight
    Tension grows, the whistle blows
    And the puck goes down the ice

    The goalie jumps and the players bump
    The fans all go insane
    Someone roars, "Bobby scores!"
    At the good old Hockey game

    Oh! The good old Hockey game
    Is the best game you can name
    And the best game you can name
    Is the good old Hockey game!

    Second period
    Where players dash with skates a flash
    The home team trails behind
    But they grab the puck and go bursting up
    And they're down across the line

    They storm the crease like bumble bees
    They travel like a burning plane
    We see them slide the puck inside
    It's a one-one hockey game

    Oh! The good old Hockey game
    Is the best game you can name
    And the best game you can name
    Is the good old Hockey game!

    Third period, last game of the playoffs too!
    Oh take me where the hockey players
    Face-off down the rink
    And the Stanley Cup is all filled up
    For the champs who win the drink

    Now the final flick of a hockey stick
    And on one gigantic screen
    Well the puck is in - the home team wins
    That good old hockey game

    Oh! The good old Hockey game
    Is the best game you can name
    And the best game you can name
    Is the good old Hockey game!
  5. In Topic: Was Jefferson Davis Right?

    Posted 24 Jun 2004

    Secession is relevent here in Canada, as well. The mismanagement and corruption of the Liberals, and westernism/social conservatism of the "new" Conservatives practically guarantees the Bloc Quebecois at least 60 of the 75 Quebec seats in parliament. Probably many more.

    Since they are in a one-horse race, the nice little separatists are slowly retracting their earlier statements, and once again raising the question of separatism. What was originally a vote to defeat the Liberals is once again a vote for sovereignty. I would not be surprised to see another Quebec referendum in the next decade.

    But back to the legality issue.

    Or not. I have to go, maybe more later.

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